Week 17 is Weak

This week has been a challenge! Set backs and hick ups. I think I might have reviewed our entire program this week, no really! I skimmed through “all” of the weeks, reread about persisting, read about peptides, and loving everyone. I know I have gotten in a boxing match with my old blueprint around 4 or 5 times this week. (he won twice but I got him back the rest of the time).

For some reason I kept thinking about athletes. How, year after year they stay mentally strong, they have to or they will be replaced right away. Our mental strength is by far the most important and powerful force in existence. “To those who perceive the nature and transcendency of mental force, all physical power sinks into insignificance” quoted from this weeks study.

Being mentally tough means that no matter how brutal the circumstances—whether it’s your 19th mile running through the mountains in the rain at 40F temperatures or you’re halfway through a 400-rep workout that includes pull-ups and single-leg squats—you’re able to withstand the pain and suffering and perform to the best of your skills and talents, with a good time, high place, or even a win. Doctors and psychologists debate whether the roles of genetics, or how we are raised, or what learned skills determine our mental toughness. But they all, In fact, agree that mental toughness may be the defining factor between finishing at the front of the pack and not finishing at all. Oh man! what about seeing an athlete scoring in a gymnastics event with a broken foot!  Or a fighter pushing through with a busted hand or arm. (this happens all the time)!

Haanel 17-13. Weakness is the only barrier to mental attainment; attribute your weakness to physical limitations or mental uncertainties and try again; ease and perfection are gained by repetition.

OK… so cut to today, me! I am in the most challenging competition of all…It is my life. I am digging deep to find my “grit”. I am bruised, I have scrapes on my knees from falling, I have a bandaged arm, I have a black eye from getting kicked when I was down, I am running with a limp. But I am up!

The past few months have been life changing. And as I go through my cards of gratefulness and successes…my mojo is starting course back through my veins. I can feel that what I want for my life is worth pushing through this one week set back.






Week 16 Is The World Getting Better?

This week started off slow with observing kindness. Saw a few here and there on Sunday and Monday. But the rest of the week went bonkers everywhere I looked I saw kindness. At the kids school, officers helping people, doors being held open, people picking up things for others, smiles, sporatic small talk that brightened someones day…ect.

I couldn’t NOT see kindness!  By Friday afternoon I was getting my hair cut, (and you know how these places are a mecca of positive and happy vibrations) I kept hearing how the world was a crap place, and everything was going down hill. All of a sudden I kind of snapped and started talking loud so every one could hear. (Damn opinions) I told them since I was in the Salon I saw 11 kind things take place (why was it weird that I counted) and started to go off on all the kind things over the past few days that I had seen, and how we are just not looking for the good or kind any more. The news, the radio, the internet all steer where our minds think. I stopped my opinions and let everyone alone, the tone of the hair salon changed for a few minutes. Kind of cool if you ask me.

My perspective is changing, how I see the world around me is changing all with one small exercise.






Week Fiteen Movie Time

I was able to watch a few movies this week, It was really cool to see all four of the necessities for success. DMP, POA, PMA, and the MMA…

Great movies, I was able to see Rudy and Cool Running’s. But… I was leaning a different way this week, I was kind of feeling the Neo from the Matrix movie, give me a second and I’ll let you know why.

So last year in July me and my wife stopped doing construction, and started not only a new company but a new field of work also. We bought a few very large tow trucks, the kind that tow’s Semi’s. Well like every new biz it takes time before everything starts moving. Around that time I started the MKMMA and all my old blueprints were in full force while I was at work, I was starting to change that blueprint (not knowing what a blueprint really was at that time). As I started to change not only my blueprint I was adjusting my DMP. When all of a sudden I noticed in the end of November that I had not one goal for the towing company…what an idiot! I had 5 year goals and personal goals, but nothing for right now! So I put in my goal for the middle of January  right away, I wanted to be doing X amount of dollars a day. My goal is for the 16th of this month. on Monday that was the 4th we acquired (or a better word is bought!) a phone number from a local guy that was retiring from the towing business. Today I am so close to the daily goal on the 16th that I am kind of freaking out! My sub-conscience and God or (the dynamic flow of the universe) changed in one thats (1) month. Are you Freaking kidding me!

When Neo in the Matrix movie, started to see the truth for the first time, we was in shock, he stared at the world, trying to get his old blueprint out of his head and accept the new one. He could see his new found power, he could see how he connected to the world in a different way. And nothing was going to be the same…

I have a new insight this week, (SOB I am emotional while I am writing this). My life is changing. My thoughts are changing. My wife is changing and she isn’t doing the class with me but she is changing with her insights. My future is changing.

…But to every man there openeth a high way and a low and every man decideth the way his soul shall go.





Week 14 A Blast from the Past


This week has been kind of interesting, for some reason my mind has been going through a lot of conversations from my past. Conversations from old friends and family that created my blueprint…I’m not sure why, doing my reading and sit has been solid. I actually loved the reading and sit about being in harmony with the creator it was really wild.

But I would hear a conversation with someone “I don’t think you can pass the test Damien it very hard” (a relative). “You can’t make a company that big, the taxes will kill you”.  “Dude,  look at you, I think the stress is going to ruin you”. “If you wanted to make a really good income you should have gone to collage”. “The economy is going to crush all your business.”. “This won’t last”!

I would here other people’s blue prints holding them back. . “Look at this douche bag driving a Lamborghini.” “Oh my God look at how big that house is! No one needs a house that big.”  I bet they are working all the time and never even sleep there”. “I have no skills I’m just a truck driver”. “I’m screwed man, my family is filled with losers and addicts”. “How can I possibly forgive myself”. “Not everyone is supposed to make as much money as you”…ect…ect…ect

I can keep going with all the thoughts from this week. The funny thing is a lot of these conversations formed my blueprint too! I have my share of blaming the economy, working to0 many hours, blaming my failures on family history, blaming the government for taking to much in taxes, it didn’t last. On the upside, I have had amazing successes from those conversations too. I passed the test with 100% just to prove him wrong, Made a ton of money dispite not going to college, got the big house and actually sleep in it.  Maybe because I’m more conscience of negative talk, I am subconsciously filtering this stuff out of me. I would have thought these thoughts would have flowed out of me weeks ago.

Regardless of why, it has been a cool week reflecting on statements I will NEVER focus on again. My blueprint is changing everyday! And everyday I am seeing my thoughts within manifesting in the world without.

I am what I will to be- Damien


Week 13 Who Knows

So, this week I’ve learned something I have always known. Or maybe I relearned it. Maybe I didn’t want to learn it until now. Oh, maybe I wasn’t supposed learn it until now. I don’t know I’m just rambling now…

Haanel this week mentions, how an athlete can read all the books he can possibly read in regards to personal training, but unless he begins to give out strength with work he will never get strong. “Faith without works is dead”. For years I have read all kinds of self help books and audio books but something was missing, I would do the work and sometimes it would start to flow for me and sometimes it would flat line. My wife and I even did a Tony Robbins 5 day intense seminar. It was amazing, I learned so much that week about myself, about how we think (as people in general). then we came home and for almost 3 years I was in a huge funk, almost a depression, I spent thousands of dollars on self help and had no direction. I wrote out my goals and still felt like I had no direction, I did my visualizations and still felt lost. What happened? Where did I go wrong?

the crazy thing about all of this was that the universe kept giving me two things. One thing was even though I was visualizing what I wanted, my fears and anxieties and negative thoughts were overpowering everything I wanted. But the other thing, was bringing me the answers to the questions I kept begging the universe for. Why is this not working? What am I doing wrong?

Haanel 13-19 “we cannot be happy unless we have, health, strength, friendships, pleasant environment”…everything I was doing was for a selfish motive. I came from a poor and abusive upbringing, I wanted to prove I could have a better life both to me and my family. I wanted to prove to friends that I could overcome that BS (beef stroganoff as Mark would say) life and be successful.

No matter what I tried, no matter what I read, no matter what gains or successes, it was going to be temporary. My motives were not pure, It didn’t stem from the Universal Substance the created all things.

My motives have shifted these past few months, I still want successes, but for a more selfless means. I want to be a steward, an example that we can truly create from our thoughts, an example that by expressing love we can bring love. An example for my children and people close to me. By expressing love I can create a pleasant environment, to provide for those comforts and luxuries to which we are all entitled.

So this week I relearned something new that I already knew I had known…Haha doing something with the wrong intentions will never succeed. We need to learn, we have to grow, and to become better we have to put into action what we are learning. But to me even bigger is having the right motives behind the knowledge and actions is what is going to propel us into that dynamic flow with our creator.





Week 12 Episode VII

It is a binding, metaphysical and ubiquitous power. It is connected to all living things in the galaxy. It is represented in all living creatures. It Binds the universe together and communicates to every individual. If the negative is focused on, it can bring the user to ruin. It can be used by every individual on the planet. But the power when tapped into using the right tools is limitless.

What is this power? the FORCE…

This week has been a great week for me I have had a very calming week, and um…Star Wars came out! Yeah baby!  I have had this huge feeling of faith. I know the future as if I’m a fortune teller. (which we all know is the ability to bring us to the negative) but I know the future is going to be filled with amazing positive and loving experiences. And while I’m practicing this every day I am becoming a master of the FORCE.

Doing my sit this week has been the most powerful sit since I started the Master Key. I have felt so calm and connected to my actions its borderline emotional. I am making a transitional move towards feeling the changes from my thoughts to my emotions. (I hope that makes sense) What I mean is, by doing my sit this week and connecting to the omnipotence it has set all my other sitting apart.

Haanel 12-26 It is in the Silence that you get into touch with the “FORCE” of the subconscious mind from which all power is evolved.


Sent from my mind using the Force…Damien


Week 11

Mark 11:24 Whaaat? An affirmation? I went and looked Matthew 6:9 the most known prayer in the world…another affirmation? How have I missed this all these years?

I’m supposed to be focusing on the scripture in Mark but I started to think about all the other scriptures we read growing up. We’re told certain scriptures are interpreted this way or that way. I am starting to have a paradigm shift right now.

Psalm 1:1-2 I’m like a tree, planted by streams of water…because I meditate on God’s Word.

1 John 4:4 God’s spirit in me is greater than the spirit of the world. He enables me to live a victorious life.

1 Peter 5:7 I give anxieties to God and Know that he’ll take them because he loves me. This gives me peace.

Deuteronomy 31:8 I am not afraid…

Proverbs 13:20 I spend   Time with wise people…

In the book of Isaiah there is a story about King Hezekiah. Typical bible story until the end. A profit by the name of Isaiah was letting the king know what god was doing how he was answering prayer. Isaiah 1:1 talks about how the king became ill and was about to die. King Hezekiah started to beg and plead to god regarding all the faithful things the king did in his life and was granted 15 more years.

I’m a god fearing man, I do not believe in your traditional God. I do not read the bible and see things in a traditional scence. If you keep reading in Isaiah you we start to see how when King Hezekiah’s prays and supplications start to become affirmations and positive thoughts. I’m starting to think that the bible is filled with a lot of crazy stories some really cool, others really odd but over all, the Master Key is right there, right in the middle of the bible…no, peppered throughout the whole bible. I just shared a fraction of the affirmations. What about the law of love Jesus taught us (give love get love)? Tithing? What we reap is what we sow?

My mind is going back and forth between what we’re learning here with the Masterkey and the bible.

Mark 11:24 Ask and you shall receive…Seems not only am I asking every day now but I cant even count how many times in the day I’m asking or in how many different ways ether.

So the questions to be answered is, is my DMP a prayer? Is my sitting and meditation a prayer? Is my blueprint builder a prayer? My getting rid of negative a form of prayer?